Indie-rap powerhouses SAGE FRANCIS & B. DOLAN have united to become the "EPIC BEARD MEN" a lyric heavy, stage-smashing super duo hailing from the industrial outskirts of PROVIDENCE, RI. Catch EPIC BEARD MEN in the US this Spring, backed by the turntable wizardry of SoCal's DJ ZOLE (Four Finger Ring, Project Blowed) supporting their debut LP, releasing on STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS in March 2019.


This Was Supposed to be Fun.

After a decade of sharing stages and crafting collaborations in the studio, real-life rap BFFs SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN have finally caved to years of fan pressure to form an official group: EPIC BEARD MEN. The super-duo embraced the absurd name as a reminder to themselves that, while they tackle a lot of difficult subject matter in their solo work, this group’s mission boils down to one thing: “This was supposed to be fun, for fuck’s sake.”

For well over a decade, no matter how many tours they survived or solo releases they dropped — more than 20 between the two, depending how you count ‘em — the members of this dream team and their DIY Econoline ethic endured a certain outsider status in the rap world. Last year’s debut EP, Season 1, poked fun at that label, while still delivering a sublime buckshot blast of political commentary, interpersonal dispatches, and healthy introspection. Now the joke isn’t so funny anymore.

The mighty Epic Beard Men are back in the barber chair, fuckin’ up your market share. You can’t tell them shit. The chill is gone. The chill was never here.

WHILE YOU WAIT A LIL' WHILE LONGER, why not try to beat the high score over at our PLAYABLE FIVE HEARTS VIDEO GAME? Think you got what it takes?!

EBM are on the road throughout 2019, starting in the US in April on the Come To The Sand Dunes Tour!


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